Frequently Asked Questions

Why Nanote

Nanote is a themed, fun note taking app that allows you to write your notes in either text or markdown format. Our goal is to provide a clean, fast and reliable software product without steep pricing to everyone. Our long term goal is to provide a platform for you to create your own themes and plugins for Nanote with an easy to install system so that you can customize your experience to your liking.

Which platforms do you support

We are currently only supporting the Windows platform. We are working on a Mac version and a Linux version.

Will Nanote stay free?

Yes! we want to keep the personal aspect of this app free forever. Our only planned pricing will be for teams. We will initially be offering a free tier for teams with 5 seats or less.

How secure is Nanote (client)

Nanote is as secure as you make it. Initially all notes are stored locally and no networking is included. So the security of your notes depends on the security of your system.

What is Nanote teams?Work in progress

Nanote teams will let you invite team members into a note space. This will allow you to collaborate on notes with your team. You will be able to share notes with your team and give them access to edit or view only. Teams will be able to live edit notes at the same time.